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Mallens Workout



M - Flat Bench

       Pec Fly


       Tri Press down  

       Pec Press Machine till failure


T - Deads

      Cable row

      Iso machine row

      Seated cable row

      BW pull ups till failure

      Calf press


W - Standing ez bar curl

        Seated Hammer curls

        Seated alternating curls

        Preacher curl

        Single arm preacher curl with ez bar


T - Tri cable press down

       Double Overhead tri extension

       Single overhead tri extension

       Seated skull crushers

       Standing Military press

       Seated mil press

       Arnold press


F - Squats


      Leg Ext machine

      Leg curl machine

      Calf press


S - Free day, go in there and so what feels good


S- hungover, chores, sleep, eat big and meal prep day

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